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fittness first

Hi and welcome to my fitness first blog, where I will bring together my articles with tips and programs, with some guidance and Ideas on this fantastic subject.

The idea is to help myself and others reach their goals on getting fit and putting fitness first!

How To Live Longer

how to live longer

Although none of us are immortal, there are certainly ways that we can prolong our lifespan. Of course, this is no easy task and the exact methods will vary from person to person. If you have been searching for a “miracle tonic” or a “cure-all” for your every woe, you may have been looking in the wrong places. In other words, the only person who can affect your life positively is YOU! You are likely wondering what some of these empowering steps are. Let’s take a closer look.

Open Yourself to Positivity

In order to experience all of the positive things that life has to offer, you must first become aware that they exist. So, always remember to take the perspective of your glass as being half full. None of us know what tomorrow may hold, so why not live today to the fullest? Interestingly enough, this can actually equate to living longer. There have been many studies which have proven that optimism and a positive outlook directly correlate to healthier lives.

Watch What You Eat

One of the leading causes of early death is the horrible substances found in many processed foods. Chemicals such as monosodium glutamate and other flavour enhancers have already been proven to cause a host of health issues. So, consuming certain foods may have grave consequences further down the line. It is best to stick with organics. In particular, some fruits and vegetables offer amazing benefits. A few of the most important (and tasty) are:

  • Spinach
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries
  • Legumes
  • Tomatoes

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals. In a very real way, an apple a day will keep the doctor away!

Have Fun!

Never take your life too seriously. It is much easier to smile than it is to frown. Depression, anxiety, loneliness and sadness are all symptoms of an imbalanced existence. One of the best remedies for this is to remember that we all have a limited time upon this earth. Why not make yours as fun and exciting as it can be? Science has also proven that laughter and comedy are excellent at:

  • Releasing positive hormones.
  • Lowering your heart rate.
  • Decreasing your blood pressure.
  • Alleviating pain.

So, laughter is indeed a very powerful medicine. Now, this is not to say that you should live your life with no responsibility. On the contrary, you instead need to balance your “adult” life with the child that is still deep within. Pay attention to this younger voice; he or she is a very powerfulally!

Living longer does not have to equate to taking loads of medication or being constantly concerned about getting ill. Even the longest life is hardly a pleasure if you do not allow yourself to have a bit of fun. Embracing physical and mental health will all but guarantee that your life is fruitful and rewarding.